Presentation on Sunday, June 3rd: The Art of Receiving Service, by Laine

The Art of Receiving Service, by Laine

Much time and energy is devoted to the discussion of being trained to provide
impeccable service. Shorter shrift is given to the cultivation of the skills
required to request, direct and receive service. In this discussion, we will go
over the topics of

1. Identifying what is important to you in terms of the service you desire to
receive from a consensual servant.
2. The psychological blocks – strategies for getting past them.
3. Servant 101 – for the dominant.
4. Interviewing – Identifying if a servant is appropriate for the tasks you
wish them to perform
5. How to properly communicate instructions and goals for success
6. Training, coaching and providing proper tools for the job
7. The feedback cycle – providing constructive criticism, praise and support to
the servant.
8. Enriching the giving and receiving of service through protocol, ritual and

Laine has been involved in the world of BDSM for 15 years. For 11 of these
years, she pursued the path of bottoming, the giving of service, surrender and
slavery, and for the past 4, has focused on being a Daddy, dominant, sadist,
receiver of service, trainer and potential owner. In this time she has been
owned, been the majordomo of a leather family and fulfilled the role of
majordomo for events and families multiple times. She has presented on the
giving, the spirituality and the art of service across the united states, and
has cultivated her own D/s dynamics with servants and leather girls. Laine is a
member of the leather family Sovereign House, and a member of The Lesbian Sex
Mafia. She identifies as queer, butch, gender fluid and power fluid.

LGBT Center, 208 West 13th St. from 2-5pm.

Hope to see you there!

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