Enough Already! A Dialogue about Abuse in M/s Relationships October 7th

Exciting Upcoming Presentation!

LGBT Center, 208 West 13th St. NYC from 2-5pm

Enough Already! A Dialogue about Abuse in M/s Relationships

Enough denial. Enough pointing fingers. Enough victim-blaming. Enough throwing
the abuse word around too freely.
Enough turning a blind eye. Enough confusing M/s relationships with abuse.
Enough ruining reputations. Enough being afraid to talk about it. Enough.

Let’s be done with all those things! Ldydreaming will discuss issues pertaining
to the myths and realities of abuse that occur within the M/s lifestyle. She’ll
cover what abuse is-
and equally important- what it isn’t. Questions to be considered include: How
do you know when the line between consensual M/s and abuse has been crossed? How
can people protect themselves from either abuse or being accused of being
abusive? What should you know about your Master/slave’s history? What would you
do if you thought someone was being abused/abusive? Why are we talking about
this at all?

And most importantly~~~>
How do you we keep M/s relationships safe and happy without sacrificing hotness
and eroticism and the dynamics of control?

About the presenter:

Ldydreaming (“~C”) has spent over 25 years working with both abuse survivors and
perpetrators as a therapist and/or supervisor of other therapists in this work.
She believes discussions about abuse are often complicated in the vanilla world
and fraught with misconceptions. And, given the complexities of Master/slave
relationships, this may be even more the case. Yet it’s vitally important to
talk about so everyone stays or goes home safe and happy- and having had the
time of their lives!

Ldydreaming has been a member of the MAsT Long Island Board for 3 years, and was
a Long Island Leather N Roses Coordinator for 3 years before that. She has
participated on panels for LILNR about “Switches” , and ” Lifestyle- The
Journey” ; has been a “demo-bottom” for spanking and flogging demos, has
presented on the the topics of “BDSM: “Out” or In?” , and ” Good Boundaries:
Married Dominants, single submissives and How Not to Fuck Up a Good Thing”. More
recently she was appreciative of LILNR member response and participation in her
presentation “BDSM & Abuse: Enough Already”. She has been happily submissive to
Dilithium for the past 5.5 years.

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