Sunday March 3rd Meeting

Mar. 3rd: How Does One Handle the Illness of a Master or slave and Preserve the

LGBT Center, 208 West 13th St. NYC from 2-5pm.

As we age, or should we become infirm, we may not be up to certain tasks or
certain BDSM play we might have enjoyed together. However, what brought us
together in the first place, the Master/slave dynamic with its deep level of
commitment and responsibility, can help us remain strong.

Protocols and rituals become even more important. They reinforce the particular
dynamic as well as give comfort in knowing the power exchange is still in

What we need then, is to think about how to cope with such eventualities.
Naturally if we are married, there are legal protections and hopefully insurance
so nobody ends up on the street. What if we aren’t? Planning ahead is everyone’s responsibility. Do the slaves have their own insurance and bank accounts?

It would be nice to think that we will never get sick or injured, but it just makes sense
to be prepared. It helps to have a support network so at least there are other
Masters and slaves who might come in to help who understand the situation and are nonjudgmental.

Please join us as we share questions and insights on this essential topic.

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