Our Sunday, August 4th Meeting: Discussion: What Calls us to the M/s Lifestyle and How do We Make it Work?

Topic Starter, with the disclaimer that these are my thoughts and in no way
represent MAsT: Metro NY or any of its members and is solely to begin discussion
both here online and in the actual meeting:

There is something inside all of us that seeks to make sense of the world and to
find a productive place within it.

For some of us this begins with the attraction to structure and belonging to
something greater than ourselves alone.

Joining this with the desire for service, whether it be the responsibilities
inherent in leadership or the fulfillment found in obedience and surrender to a
worthy cause…where does this lead?

It certainly might attract us to a military setting, or a monastery, or any
other group with a hierarchy and defined responsibilities in service to a common

But the call to Mastery and slavery is the call to a much more personal agenda.
There may be more specific things we want to accomplish that require more
targeted goals.

A Master may have a vision for a Household and a desire to see it come to
fruition while taking full responsibility for everything and everyone contained
in it.

A slave may search for the Household that most closely resembles what they deem
an important undertaking. One that will be so fulfilling that they can summon up
the courage to obey and to surrender their will in service to.

When this all comes together, however unlikely, it is a wonderful thing. But
without the greater structure of the military or monastery there is a greater
chance of such a Household teetering and falling.

That is why an organization such as MAsT is so important. To find there are
others out there like us. A place we can come together to discuss the joys and
challenges of the M/s lifestyle. A safe environment where we have the
opportunity for peer-to-peer support.

i look forward to discussing what brought us here, and how we are trying to make
it work.


2:00 PM – 5:00 PM, Sunday August 4th
LGBT Center
208 West 13th St. (7-8 Ave.) NYC
$4 members, $5 reciprocal and $8 others

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