Sunday Nov. 3 Masters And slaves Together: Metro NY Discussion: Love, Sex and M/s

The following is a topic starter by me and is an attempt to generate interest and comments before and during our next meeting. It in no way represents MAsT: Metro NY or any of its members.

i think we can all agree having a Master/slave relationship takes a lot of trust and a lot of work. Not many are long lasting despite our best intentions and fervent wishes.

Therefore, when we decide to complicate them further by putting sex into the mix, we are making success even more difficult. Impossible? Of course not. There are people who make this work very well. Then there are some who posit that sex is just another service, like cleaning the oven and will try to keep emotions at bay.

We are all human and prey to that most human of emotions, love. Can a slave who is treated well by their Master, who adores their Master for the person They are and the actions They take be blamed for falling in love with the Master and the person? Or the Master who just never imagined having their heartstrings pulled by Their always pleasing, surrendered and obedient slave be at fault for loving them on all levels?

Certainly not. The question becomes, where do we go from here? Can the M/s dynamic be maintained? This is so different from people who were already in love and introduced M/s after. There the dynamic could be implemented slowly, as it fit the people involved. When love comes after, questions arise for the Master like, can i still punish someone i love? Or for the slave, there can be the danger of becoming too familiar in interactions with the Master. And will jealousies now arise?

So let’s discuss if love, sex and M/s can exist in a relationship without weakening either the authority of the Master or the obedience of the slave. Let’s even consider how this could make for a deeper and more fulfilling relationship for all.

As part of our November meeting we will be hearing from the candidates for board positions for 2014. Elections will be held during our December social. Please let them know we appreciate their commitment to keep this chapter growing!


2:00 PM – 5:00 PM, Sunday Nov. 3rd
LGBT Center
208 West 13th St. (7-8 Ave.) NYC
$4 members, $5 reciprocal and $8 others

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