Feb. 2, 2014: Toni Solenne: "Backwards by Design:Household Structure and Purpose"

This Sunday, February 2, 2014, MAsT Metro NY is privileged to present “Backwards by Design: Household Structure and Purpose” with Toni Solenne.

Toni Solenne, Ed. D. is an author, accomplished speaker, spiritual leader, counselor and Leatherwoman. She is the Mid-Atlantic Leatherwoman 2012 and the current co-director of MAsT Allentown and past co-director of MAsT Laurel Women. She has penned a series of erotic and title based short stories and is currently working on a Special Project for The Carter-Johnson Leather Library writing about her experiences as Mid-Atlantic Leatherwoman 2012 and collating the results of 30 Leatherwoman roundtable discussions during her 25 city tour to be published this year. She lives the leather lifestyle 24/7 as the Head of her Household consisting of one female submissive/partner, one female slave, and two submissive women in service part-time.

This thread is a topic starter for this interesting discussion.

In real time Power Exchange relationships and households structure can be the glue that attracts and holds the entire thing together. How does that happen? Must the structure be in place before creating a household, or must the structure be determined by the type of people within it? Is there a template that forms a basic structure that can be tweaked for individual nuances or should it be constructed on a case base case basis, based upon the individuals involved and the needs and wants of the Head of Household?
Like any relationship, power exchange relationships are a combination of structure and chemistry. The difference is often its hierarchical nature and the vision of the household’s creator. With that in mind we could ask if developing a structure should be an organic thing, incorporating the connection and interaction of the parties involved, or should the structure exist before that, with an idea toward finding those who most adequately and successfully fit into the Head of Household’s vision and goals.

Like seemingly everything else in our community, there are varying opinions on what constitutes structure and how rigid it should be. There are some with very strict guidelines that are meticulously enforced and others that seem to be more organic with little obvious structure. But is that the reality of it or simply the way it appears from the outside looking in?

Keeping in line with the title of Toni Solenne’s discussion, it would seem that the design of one’s household should not only have structure but purpose. Should one have a goal or aim in mind when forming a household and should that goal inform the structure? Should the structure of the household be a means to an end?

What do you think?

Sir Guy
MAsT Metro NY facilitator

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