July 13th meeting topic starter:What do you want from your M/s relationship?

What do you want from your M/s relationship?

A simple question like what do you want in a relationship can be difficult to answer. But what do you want from your M/s relationship can be even more daunting. I was once challenged to write the answer that question. The curser continued to blink waiting for me to start typing something, mocking me. one would think that answers would roll of the tongue, from the top side control, obedience and service. So too from the bottom side control, accountability and service might be said. But these answers can be equated to the answers given to the question at beauty pageants, what is the one thing society need most?

The answer, world peace of course.

A M/s relationships is not the same as a marriage but buzz words like love, honor and obey can sound like the same words used in answering the question of what you want from your M/s relationship? Although this is answering some of the questions it’s not really answering the deeper question. We need to scratch the surface to get to the deeper meaning of what we really want. Before we approach this kind of dynamic it’s important to be able to explain the meaning of the words we are saying we want. Masters need to be challenged to explain what is meant by control? Likewise slaves they need to have an understanding of what they mean by accountability.

So what do you want from your M/s relationship? If you’re single do you figure it out what you want before you enter into one? If you’re already coupled and want to move in that direction, how do you approach it to figure it out?

And then the real work begins maintaining it.

Join us July 13th The LGBTQ Center
208 West 13th Street, New York, NY between 7th and 8th Aves.
(See the bulletin board for the room number)

Cost: $4 MAsT: Metro NY members, $5 reciprocal organizations, $8 all others

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