Special MAsT 2-Parter, 9/11/16: Sex and M/s: Yes, No & Maybe so… & The Future of MAsT Metro NY

Next Meeting: Sunday, 9/11/2016; 2-5pm

Part 1: Sex and M/s: Yes, No & Maybe so…

We don’t talk about sex much in general and interestingly enough, we don’t talk about it much in the general BDSM community, much less in M/s. But the few times I have been in on such discussions, they have often been either very brief, contentious or boiled down to simple “yes” or “no” responses. In my experience, men on either sides of the slash, for the most part, seem on the “yes” side for sex in all wonderful permutations while many topwomen say “no” to the idea of sex with their slaves. And then there are those who strictly identify as “asexual” and those of us who identify as “stone.” Also, many slaves seek “service only” arrangements sans any sexual relationship.

What’s your take on the sex/no sex/maybe sex within M/s debate? What’s been your personal experience? How do you define sex? Is sex seen as service, loving or simply recreational? Or something else?

Part 2: A Special Hour-Long Chapter Business Meeting to discuss the future of MAsT Metro NY. MAsT Metro NY was originally formed February 15, 2001. Fifteen years later, MAsT Metro finds itself struggling financially, with membership dwindling and with not enough of a core group to sustain itself. MAsT faces other challenges as group cohesion as well of the challenge of fulfilling its original purpose while still being responsive to the needs of the local community. This business meeting is to either set in place a plan for sustainability going forward or to discuss disbanding in an orderly fashion. At issue will be the disposition of MAsT’s funds, banners, documentation and website.

Please join us for these important topics. And as always, please feel free to bring your own snack and/or something to share with the group.

MAsT Metro New York meets at the LGBT Community Center at 208 West 13th Street, NYC, between 7th and 8th Aves. From 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The admission is $4 for members, $5 for reciprocal members/students with ID and $8 for all others. Please remember to check the board for room number.

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