Meeting Guidelines

MAsT Metro NY Meeting Guidelines

This is a community-inclusive support group for those who identify as Owner/Master/Mistress or property/slave. We welcome all genders and orientations in this dynamic to attend and participate in our meetings. We come together once a month to share in discussing issues of interest to our dynamic.

Certainly, each person may use their own language in reference to themselves or another’s known choice in reference to them, but to simplify, “Master/slave” or “M/s” may be used in a comprehensive and inclusive way, denoting any and all possible permutations at once.

All discussion participants sign a confidentiality statement and agree to hold confidential any personal information revealed or discussed at meetings. General ideas may certainly be shared and discussed elsewhere.

Masters are highly discouraged from requiring even their own slave(s) to divulge personal information shared in a slave-only discussion. (For those new to MAsT, we often divide into Master and slave groups for a portion of our discussion time. We request that each person join the group with which you primarily identify. If you choose not to do so, please respect the solidarity of each group by leaving and returning when the groups rejoin or by sitting outside both groups and simply not participating in that portion of the meeting.

There is no generic M/s protocol expected during MAsT meetings. Individual Masters may, of course, enforce their own rules and protocols on their own slave(s). However, Masters are emphatically encouraged to allow their slave(s) to fully participate.

Masters without a slave or property are expected to take care of their own needs while at MAsT meetings unless a slave, of their own volition (or at the direction of their Master), offers service.

The discussion will be run with the aid of a Facilitator, who will help to keep conversation positive, moving, and on-topic–without allowing any one person or viewpoint to monopolize the conversation. Whenever you wish to speak, indicate this to the Stacker, and you will be recognized in turn by the Facilitator. Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas, questions, and opinions with the group. Please do not engage in “cross talk.” If you wish to add comments or rebut a comment, do so in turn. Everyone, including all officers, must only speak from and in the order of the Stacker’s recognition list.

During discussion, the group agrees to avoid divisive and petty arguments over clich├ęd disputes such as the “true” definition of slave; “the” difference between submissive and slave; or what dynamic is “real” vs. what is not. Each person is deemed to have a valid viewpoint and choice of term identifying themselves and/or their relationship. Sharing that view is of value to the group, even though consensus as such is not our goal. Our diversity makes us stronger as it evidences the multitude of rewards found in living this dynamic that is often very hard work.

Topics for discussion will be announced ahead of time at prior meetings, on the Yahoo! Announcement list, and through flyers. However, if someone has a personal issue they need the group’s help in solving or discussing, that may take precedence. Please see the Director before the meeting during social time, if you have such an issue.

Participants are asked to give a name and state whether they primarily identify as either Master or slave (or other).